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Public Media about the Flying Laptop (most entries in German)

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It's beeping in Space: Thus Begins the Age of Space Travel (3sat Nano, 04.10.17)

60 Years of the Space Race (SWR Landesschau Baden-Württemberg, 04.10.17)

Flying Laptop and TechnoSat are in Space (, 17.07.17)

University Stuttgart Launches Flying Laptop Satellite (Rhea Group, 15.07.17) -english

Stuttgart now has a Satellite in Space (Bild, 15.07.17)

Flying Laptop is on its Way to Space (Schwäbische Zeitung, 15.07.17)*

Soyuz Rocket Lifts Off with 73 Satellites (Spaceflight Now, 14.07.17) -english

The small satellites ‘Technosat’ and ‘Flying Laptop’ are successfully launched into space (DLR News, 14.07.17) -english

Research at Uni Stuttgart: First Small Satellite is Launched into Space (Stuttgarter Zeitung, 14.07.17)

Rocket brings Student Satellite from Stuttgart into Space (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 14.07.17)

The University of Stuttgart developed a Small Satellite: Launch into Space was a Success (SWR Aktuell, 14.07.17)

Video: The Rocket Starts (SWR Aktuell, 14.07.17)

Audio: „Like a Fridge Wrapped in Gold Foil“: An  Interview with Bastian Bätz (SWR Aktuell, 14.07.17)

Research at Uni Stuttgart: First Small Satellite is Launched into Space (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 13.07.17)

Soyuz Rolled Out for Launch of Multinational Satellite Cluster (Spaceflight Now, 12.07.17) -english

The Flying Laptop (HI:TECH CAMPUS, April/Mai 2015) -english

Small Satellite "Flying Laptop": New Highlight of Space Technology  (IRS News, 05.08.13)

Flying Laptop: Uni Stuttgart introduces own Satellite for Earth Observation (Regio-TV, 05.08.13)*

Stuttgart Laptop is launched with Russians (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 03.08.13)

Flying Laptop for Space (Spektrum, 21.10.13)

Flying Laptop for Space (Spektrum, complete report, 22.10.13)

Computer of the Latest Generation on Board (Schwäbisches Tagblatt, 05.08.13)

‘Flying Laptop’ for small satellites developed by German students (Engineering and Technology Magazine, 05.08.13) -english

The Small and Speedy New Computer to Power “Flying Laptop” (IEEE Spectrum, 07.08.13) -english

Small Satellite features latest On-Board Computer Technology (Elektronik Praxis, 05.08.13)

Stuttgart University Launches its "Flying Laptop" into Space (WinFuture, 02.08.13)

Mission 'Flying Laptop' (FAZ Aktuell, 16.09.12)

DGLR young academic Mark Lützner in Portrait (DGLR News, 31.10.13)*


Inauguration of the Flying Laptop On-Board Computer

On Friday 2nd August 2013, the FLP On-Board Computer was officially inaugurated. Numerous guests from industry, politics and research institutes took the chance to come to Vaihingen, to the Baden-Württemberg Space Center. After the official presentation, the function and the working environment of the OBC was illustrated in the clean room of the space center, which houses the University's Institute of Space Systems. Several newspapers and other media published articles about this event. Below is a list of some of these articles.