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12. Mai 2014; Harald Hummel

Today, the global survey on university small satellite projects has started! The objective of this survey is to create insight into small satellite projects and their characteristics at universities around the world. The results shall provide the foundation for both guiding current projects and facilitating future ones. Therefore, the survey is targeted at students, leading academic staff (e.g. professors, assistant professors) and non-academic project participants.

If you are or have been working in a small satellite project that is or was conducted at a university, please feel free to participate! Your contributions will assist in avoiding small satellite project failures at universities and therefore will be invaluable in furthering small satellite research at a global level!

Click here to take part in the survey!



This survey is based on a framework that has been created to identify the relationships between various project characteristics and project performance, e.g. the interaction between satellite size, requirements engineering and professor involvement on project performance. Another focus of this survey is the analysis of university small satellite projects as perceived by project participants. This will enable the development of support and tools for facilitating the success of future small satellite project at universities.     

In order to support the community, the results will be published as a public report on our website and a personal note for every person that participated. The projected survey period will be from 2014 June 11 until 2014 August 11.