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The small satellite returns the favor and takes pictures of the University of Stuttgart's remote-controlled telescope.
November 23, 2017;

In July and August, the university telescope ATUS - the Astronomical Telescope of the University of Stuttgart - observed Flying Laptop (See the news article here). In October, the small satellite returned the favor and took pictures of the remote-controlled telescope's location in the Sierra Nevada in California.

Flying Laptop took the pictures with its Multi-spectral Imaging Camera System (MICS) and its Panorama Camera (PAMCAM). While the MICS is Flying Laptop's main camera payload, the PAMCAM is used to provide an overview of the observed landscapes because it has a wider field of view than the MICS.


Images of ATUS' Location Taken with the Multi-spectral Imaging Camera System (MICS)


Image 1: A MICS image of ATUS' location in California's Sierra Nevada (The distortion is due to the relatively high elevation during the satellite's flyover), Copyright: University of Stuttgart



Image 2: Image 1 with a map from Google Maps in the background, Copyright: University of Stuttgart, 2017 Google



Image 3: The RGB superimposition of all MICS channels (NIR, red, and green) on the image of ATUS' location, Copyright: University of Stuttgart


Images of ATUS' Location Taken with the Panorama Camera (PAMCAM)

Two PAMCAM images were taken during two different flyovers. The second image was taken together with the MICS images. Due to the high elevation, even the Pacific Ocean and the Monterey Bay can be seen.


Image 4: PAMCAM image of ATUS' location, Copyright: University of Stuttgart



Image 5: PAMCAM image (Image 4) with reference points that are also shown on the Google Map (Bild 6), Copyright: University of Stuttgart



Image 6: Google Map with reference points, Copyright: 2017 Google



Image 7: The second PAMCAM image of ATUS' location (taken together with the MICS images), Copyright: University of Stuttgart