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2. Juni 2013; Charles Thibaut



The FLP Data Downlink System antenna was measured in December 2013 at the IHF (Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik). This antenna (on the left) is used to transmit the payload data to the IRS ground station at a rate of 10 Mbps. The antenna is built in waveguide technology and was developed at the IRS. It shall have a gain of about 13.5 dB and be left hand circular polarised.

In order to verify the design and characteristics of the antenna, it had to be measured in an anechoic chamber, which isolates it from potential external noise as well as minimises the reflection of emitted signals. A linear polarised antenna (on the left) was used to measure the parameters of the DDS antenna at different orientations.

Three parameters could be measured successfully, which are the radiation pattern, the return losses which are lower than 23 dB and the axial ratio which is about 1.2 and characterises the ellipticity of the circular polarised wave.