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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Klinkner

Prof. Klinkner

Annegret Möller

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Integration Room

In order to allow the implementation of the comprehensive development and verification activities within a small satellite project, a new clean room was established in the RZBW. It is designed to provide the required infrastructure and equipment for current and future small satellite projects.
The satellite integration room meets industrial cleanliness and safety standards.


Satellite Integration room


  • Provides a minimum cleanliness class of ISO 8 or class 100.000 (US FED STD 209E)

  • Flow Boxes for high-level cleanliness of ISO 5 or class 100 (US FED STD 209E)

  • Air parameters are constantly monitored

Ground Support Equipment:

  • Omnidirectional integration wheel

  • Crane

  • Damped Optical work benches

  • Several optikal equipment like spectrometer, QHT lamp, integration sphere etc.

  • Soldering work station for Printed Circuit Board manufacturing

  • Comprehensive safety measures regarding Electrostatic Discharge



Satellite Integration Room optics


The entrance to the clean room is only accessible through a Preparation Room for cleanliness control. The Satellite Integration Room behind the Preparation Room extrends to 119.5m².
This area is divided into three sections:

  • Integration Area for satellite integration

  • Functional Verification Area for component and satellite testing

  • Optics Laboratory for development and calibration of optical instruments