The narrow field-of-views of the scientific camera system MICS enforce the request for an additional camera system capable to provide an overview of the observed landscape. The so called Panoramic Camera (PAMCAM) should be able to take color images in order to increase the public outreach of the Small Satellite Program. During MICS operations the PAMCAM will be used simultaneously but with a reduced capture frequency.

The figures below show the CAD model and the EQM of PAMCAM. The camera system has a mass of 400 g and dimensions of 126 x 78 x 58 mm³. These values include housing, electronics and optics.


PAMCAM is based on the COTS-camera BCi5-LS-B-40 manufactured by C-Cam Technologies which is a division of Vector International. The generic electronics has been modified and supplemented with an interface board and a power board developed at IRS. The power consumption of the camera is below 2 W. The camera is equipped with the IBIS5A-1300 CMOS sensor designed by FillFactory. It has 1280 by 1024 pixels with a pixel pitch of 6.7 μm and features a Bayer RGB color pattern. The digitalisation is conducted with 10 bits and image data is transmitted as raw data. The lens MEVIS-CF 2516 from Qioptiq has been modified to withstand high mechanical loads and was integrated into the camera. It has a focal length of 25 mm and an f-number of 1.6. PAMCAM can cover a field-of-view of approximately 20°x16°. This results in a swath width of 200 km and a ground sample distance of around 160 m from a 600 km orbit. The SNR has been conservatively calculated to be above 100 for land cover targets under daylight condition.


Camera control and data reception is conducted by the Payload On-Board Computer PLOC. The data interface consists of 7 LVDS lines, where 6 are used to transmit the image data and 1 for controlling the camera.

The camera has been qualified with a combined thermal-vacuum-cycling test according to ECSS standards for an operation within a temperature range of -10°C to 40°C. Non-operating temperature range is -20°C to 65°C. The camera also passed the mechanical qualification with 20 gRMS.

The following testimage shows the Fernsehturm Stuttgart seen from the University campus.