GENIUS the "GPS Enhanced NavIgation system for the University of Stuttgart micro-satellite" is developed in cooperation with the German Space Operations Center in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. The antennas of the three independent GPS receivers are mounted in the corners of the center solar panel in an L-like configuration.


The GPS system provides realtime data about position, velocity and time with an accuracy of up to 10 m, 0.1 m/s and 1 µs. New about the GENIUS experiment is the crystal oscillator which provides a stable reference frequency and keeps the GPS receivers in sync. In addition, raw data and carrier signal measurements will be dumped during ground station contacts for further processing. Using those measurements it will be possible to determine the Orbit with an accuracy of up to 1 m. Furthermore it will be possible to determine the attitude of the satellite with an accuracy between 0.1° and 1°.