Amateur Radio

Naturally, we do what we can to maintain the HAM radio spirit and allow radio amateurs around the world to receive satellite signals from our DDS. However, since we are working with a high gain antenna, we have a very narrow footprint and have to point the complete satellite directly toward a ground station. If you have a station in Germany, you may still get lucky (even if it's just a carrier).

In view of the occasion of the 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34C3) in 2017 in Leipzig we activated our amateur radio transmitter DDS. The whole satellite will be pointed towards Leipzig Germany, and we hope you were able to receive the DDS signals within the following hours:

Pass Number Date Transmitter Activation (UTC) Transmitter Deactivation (UTC)
#4662 27/12/2017 22:51:32 23:11:12
#4664 28/12/2017 00:30:36 00:45:14
#4667 28/12/2017 11:23:46 11:40:18
#4668 28/12/2017 23:01:14 23:20:54
#4670 29/12/2017 00:40:18 00:54:32
#4671 29/12/2017 08:23:18 08:39:00

(10 Mbps QPSK, SRRC 40% Roll-Off filter, 2408 GHz, 7 MHz BW, CCSDS with RS(255,223) and PseudoRandom)



In the future, we will have a few campaigns for those who cannot currently receive our signal. We will inform you about the details when the time comes. If your interest is already piqued, you can send an email to DP0FLP.