Flying Laptop
Project Management, Professor of Satellite Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Klinkner

Prof. Klinkner

Annegret Möller

Institut für Raumfahrtsysteme
Pfaffenwaldring 29
70569 Stuttgart


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Theses and Jobs

The small satellites program is offering Studien- and Diplomtheses as well as Bachelor- and Mastertheses. At times, the program is also in need of student assistants.

Current openings:

M.Sc. Single Event Upset evaluation and analysis for the Flying Laptop mission

M.Sc. Analysis of different lossless data compression algorithm for Destiny+ Dust Analyzer

M.Sc. Studie zum Parabelflug mittels Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

B.Sc./M.Sc. Satellite Image Processing for the Flying Laptop Project