Alle News im Überblick

July 17, 2017;

The launch of the small satellite Flying Laptop on Friday, July 14th was a success. You can relive it here. The team sent live tweets on Friday and will continue to send twitter updates to inform interested parties of the latest developments.

First contact with the DLR ground station in Weilheim on Friday at 11:46 AM went very well. The batteries were full and the satellite was already oriented correctly.

The team was also able to communicate with Flying Laptop through the other DLR-LEOP stations in Inuvik and O-Higgins. During the overflight of Weilheim, the team attempted to receive signals from the satellite with the ground station at the University of Stuttgart, and it went well.

All instruments that have been tested so far are functional and the solar panels were unfolded successfully within 20-30s on Saturday.


Image Credit: Burkhardt/DLR