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June 29, 2017;

Preparations for the launch of Flying Laptop have been underway in the Cosmodrome in Baikonur since mid-May. During this process, the launch preparations team verified that the satellite was in perfect condition after transport, coordinated the final interfaces with the launch vehicle, installed the final satellite software, and set the final software parameters for the launch. The highlight of the launch preparations was the integration of the satellite into the upper stage of the launch vehicle on June 27 th, 2017.

All preparations were successfully completed. We thank our colleagues from ECM, NPOL, Tsenki, and Glavkosmos for their outstanding collaboration during the launch preparations.



Flying Laptop in front of the rocket's upper stage in the mounting device, ©Glavkosmos



Flying Laptop is lifted onto the upper stage, ©Glavkosmos 



Flying Laptop is mounted on the upper stage, ©Glavkosmos 



Integrated Flying Laptop with the integration team, ©Glavkosmos