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May 30, 2017;

After intensive preparations for the transport, the satellite and the support equipment were loaded onto a truck and brought to the Frankfurt airport on 24 April. Once all formalities were completed, the satellite was shipped to the company NPO Lavochkin in Moscow by cargo plane. There, the satellite’s battery was charged once more.


After a short storage period, the Flying Laptop and the equipment were brought to Baikonur by plane. They were then loaded onto a truck and brought to the launch site in the Baikonur cosmodrome, from which the satellite will be launched on 14 July on a Soyuz-Fregat rocket.



After the transport, the satellite was unpacked in the clean room at the launch site complex during the past few weeks. Thorough tests led to the conclusion that the Flying Laptop survived the transport despite the bumpy roads in Baikonur. Furthermore, after the execution of some final mechanical preparations, most prominently of the MLI, the satellite is now ready for the final software updates and configuration checks, which are planned to begin in mid-June.

You can find more pictures of the transport in our Facebook albums Goodbye, Flying Laptop and Hello, Flying Laptop.